Explaining The Rise In Adult And Child Food Allergies
By Dr. Alan Shair

One of the biggest changes in American schools in the past decade has nothing to do with reading and writing, and everything to do with lunch. With the dramatic rise of food allergies in children – as well as adults – schools and other public places are enforcing “nut-free” policies. Meanwhile, grocery store shelves are filling with more and more allergy friendly foods: dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free…the list goes on.

Getting to Know the Microbiome
By Dr. Alan Shair

Alongside the major headlines in the past year, one topic getting a lot of media attention is the Microbiome, a collection of bacteria, yeast and viruses that normally live in and on the human body. Named by molecular biologist Josh Lederberg, the human body contains over 10 times more microbiomes than human cells, though no one really knew about them until the 1990’s, when they were first discovered.