Bioresonance Therapy


Like any successful relationship, good communication between body cells is the baseline for physical health. When there is interference, problems arise. Bioresonance Therapy looks for those communication breakdowns using a biofeedback test that reads frequency patterns between cells. It then inverts any unhealthy frequencies, encouraging the body to break down the toxins that are blocking off the cells and restoring its ability to heal itself.

A very similar therapy is called electrodermal screening, a tool that finds instability in acupuncture points and helps practitioners create a homeopathic prescription to re-stabilize the body.

The approach of seeking imbalances through acupuncture points is based on Chinese medicine, which seeks to balance the chi, or life energy, in the body. By incorporating electronic measurement, Functional Medicine is able to fuse traditional wisdom with modern technology.

Bioresonance Scanning is very similar, based on the scientific proof that the body is held together at the subatomic level by light. Using the biophotonic light from the heart, bioresonance scanning "reads" information about how your genetic patterns are expressing themselves. Unhealthy patterns in DNA are the result of cell breakdown, which then lead to illness. Bioresonance scanning not only enables practitioners to identify what's really going on, but how best to alleviate it.

Once Functional Medicine has discovered some of the root causes of your illness, practitioners can then create a homeopathic, nutritional and other therapy plan personalized to your individual needs.